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Webbed digits, or syndactyly, is a congenital condition where fingers or toes are fused together by skin or soft tissue. It can occur as an isolated anomaly or as part of a genetic syndrome. Without intervention, webbed digits can impact hand and foot function, dexterity, and appearance. POBAR specializes in the surgical correction of webbed digits in children, offering individualized treatment plans to separate fused digits and restore optimal hand and foot function and aesthetics.

Diagnosis And Treatment:

Webbed digits present with fused or partially fused fingers or toes. At POBAR, our specialists diagnose webbed digits through physical examination and imaging studies like X-rays to assess the extent of fusion and plan appropriate treatment.

Treatment Options:

  • Surgical release of the webbing: Surgeons separate the fused digits and reconstruct the soft tissues to create individual fingers or toes.
  • Postoperative rehabilitation: Physical therapy to optimize function and prevent contractures.

Recovery Time And Treatment Aftercare:

Recovery time following surgical release of webbed digits depends on the extent of fusion and the individual’s healing process. Most individuals can expect to resume normal activities within a few weeks to months following surgery.

Treatment Aftercare:

  • Hand therapy: Rehabilitation exercises and activities help improve hand function and promote optimal healing following surgical release.
  • Scar management: Proper wound care and scar massage techniques minimize scarring and improve the appearance and flexibility of the hand

Your Questions Answered

What are webbed digits, and how common are they in children?

Webbed digits, also known as syndactyly, are congenital anomalies characterized by fusion of the fingers or toes. They occur in approximately 1 in 2,000 live births. Prompt evaluation by a pediatric orthopedic specialist like those at POBAR is essential for accurate diagnosis and management.

Can webbed digits affect my child's hand or foot function?


Webbed digits may vary in severity and can impact hand or foot function depending on the extent of fusion and associated abnormalities. Surgical release of the fused digits may be recommended to improve function and appearance. POBAR specializes in the surgical management of webbed digits and can provide personalized treatment plans tailored to each child’s unique condition.

What is the recommended age for surgical correction of webbed digits in children?

Surgical correction of webbed digits is typically performed during infancy or early childhood to optimize hand or foot function and prevent developmental challenges. However, the timing of surgery may vary depending on factors such as the child’s overall health and the complexity of the anomaly. POBAR offers expert evaluation and management for children with webbed digits, ensuring personalized care and optimal outcomes.



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